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infused in-FUSED
$15 Standard CD [order standard]
$20 CD + signed copy of Misplaced [order with bonus cd]

Tommy T. Rapisardi/ in-FUSED returns with a long awaited 2nd album! During the last 10 years DIVERJE/ DSBP RECORDS/ CYBERAGE RADIO took most of Tommy's time, but the passion for making experimental music in many of its forms has remained...the compositions continued and ready to be heard and unleashed to all! These 17 tracks are creations of new and some older and mixing into a cohesive, yet diverse album which pushes this project forward!

Partnering up with CHRIS COZOT(iammynewt) on 2 tracks "calico", "rebuildestruct" gives this album an extra incentive and attraction of these 2 creative forces!!
regulator Regulator
$15 [order]

DSBP Records is thrilled to announce the release of the debut album from, Regulator available everywhere on 02-28-2014. Regulator is an exploration of idm and industrial soundscapes. Crushing drum patterns, rolling base lines and cloud-like smooth pads that all work together to create a balance between chilled bliss and the cold industrialized world of today.
ucnx UCNX
$15 Standard CD [order standard]
$25 Deluxe Package [order deluxe]

Remix albums and cover songs are well known in the electronic/industrial music scene, but east coast based act UCNX return with a brand new release that fuses both concepts together the same way they fuse electro-industrial, coldwave, IDM, and other styles of electronic music together in their music. Much like their hit 2009 single "Run Your Body" which fused Iron Maiden and Nitzer Ebb together into a tongue-in-cheek dancefloor monster, 'Replicator' is a new beast that brings together remixes from the band's last album, the 2011 blast of aggression 'Generation Damaged', along with a selection of brand new cover tunes that range from such industrial legends as Ministry and Leaether Strip to other influences like metal legend Ozzy Osbourne and 80's pop masters Tears For Fears!

'Replicator' comes in both a standard CD version, as well as a deluxe edition package that comes with not only 5 exclusive bonus tracks including a cover of Killing Joke's haunting new wave classic "Adorations" and the ultra rare b-side "Eyedentify (Nuclear)" among others, but also a glossy 18" x 24" poster signed by the band.
diverje Diverje
Hate Stimulation
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NEW FREE FULL MP3! Diverje - Bang U Too (Mastered Mix 1)

DIVERJE returns with a vengeance for their 8th album! Always evolving, and diversifying, yet staying true! As the title suggests, this album is full of angry, stomping, harsh INDUSTRIAL/ EBM/ COLDWAVE with spashings of power noise, techno, trance, metal sounds! each song has its own flavor, as the vocals vary in style and stay original.

THE HATE STIMULATION is the result of the shit talkers, backstabbers,liars,cheaters,fakes,posers and a backwards society full of greed and deception.The hate they created, the effects they have on the artists, real musicians and hard workers who are seeing this de-evolution clearer than the sheep of the "idiocracy society" are, so we write it out.

17 songs/ 76 minutes contained on the NEW CD, which all have their own flavored sound! tracks which will pound the dancefloors as well as keep the mind racing and voices shouting along with the anthemic lyrics of one of the most angry, brutal, and real, "no holds barred" bands of the current dark times.
yourbunnyrot Your Bunny Rot
Error Injection
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1 - $15.00 - [order paypal] for CD (shipped) + 6 tracks zip file (2 non album remixes)
2 - $25.00 - [order paypal] for YBR T-SHIRT, CD, + 6 tracks zip file(2 non album remixes)

YOUR BUNNY ROT is an Industrial/EBM band from Israel. The band was formed in the end of 2010 by Osinsky Yaron and Ivanzov Constantine, bringing to the production industrial elements combined with 80's synth leads and dancefloor kik and basslines. The band reflects the machinery age and war threats in the area of their lifes.

The debut CD from DSBP Records is now released! 16 tracks total, 73 and a half minutes of amazing new music from one of the freshest sounding bands of the last few years. Mixing in a classic electro/industrial edge with a new energy, using modern sounds and clean and powerful vocals with thick' and rich textures all around.Intelligent lyrics which relate to todays desperate & crazy society, delivered with melody and power!
miss fd Miss FD
Comfort For The Desolate
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On June 18th, 2013, dark synthpop artist Miss FD returns with her third studio album Comfort for the Desolate. Through seven new compositions of dark melodies, chilling beats, and intense lyrics, FD's latest "audio diary" is the next chapter in her exploration of the nature of existence, consciousness, our concepts of self, and presence through living in the here and now.

Genres: darkwave, synthpop, dark electronic, electro-industrial, gothic
palebluedot Whore
The Pale Blue Dot
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After much waiting, baiting, and anticipating, Whore have finally completed a new body of work. 'The Pale Blue Dot' moves from the introspective demon-hunting of their debut album and into the world far away and into space. Armed with an MPC, an 8-string guitar, and a craving for destruction, the band seeks to push musical boundaries in ways never thought possible. A melding of industrial soundscapes that recall the earthquakes of Europa herself and bone-crushing brutal death metal akin to the sound of a star tearing itself apart, Whore has created this piece to remind us all that outside of the cold oblivion surrounding our tiny planet, there lies a universe that thrives on violence and destruction.

With this album, Whore invites you to experience a journey that will take you from the beginnings of everything, to the creation of life, to the death of stars, to the collison of galaxies, and on into the silence at the end of the universe.

74 minutes/ 15 new tracks that will destroy you!! This is the heaviest release on the DSBP RECORDS roster yet!!
diverje Diverje
War Within Me
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DIVERJE bursts forth with a brand new EP/CD with some diverse new tracks, club remixes, b-sides, and lots of sonic thunder within.

A solid intro to the new album "HATE STIMULATION" which comes out this summer on DSBP RECORDS, there are 2 tracks from the album included here. "WAR WITHIN ME" is a collaborative track with Jordi De_TOT_COR and the result is dancey EBM with clean, strong vocals with a melodic, yet aggressive form!

This is a catchy track and we included some amazing remixes of this one from = SCAR LIMIT, UCNX, SWITCHFACE, hEADaCHE, CORTEX DEFECT, LILY OF THE VALLEY, and DETUNED DESTRUCTION!

"THIS DISEASE" is the other album track here which has a power noise/ hard industrial/ electro flavor to it and some deep rumbling bass extremes!

This track goes through the remixer as well with some diverse and powerful versions from = PARTICLE SON, RESIST CONCEPT, (O)thers feat.Ech(o), and more new tracks including a collaboration with Cosmo Morte of PIPEBOMB(and SCREAM MACHINE), SKIN CONTACT, CANNON PROJECT with a rocking version of "ON SKIN"and WHORE remix of "Done"!
infused in-FUSED
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The first official solo album of TOMMY T.(DIVERJE).Very ecleptic and daring mix of sounds and styles, and should get some intresting feedback from the purists of each genre, and maybe attract the more diversified electronic music lovers as well.ELECTRO, INDUSTRIAL, POWER NOISE, IDM, GLITCH, DRUM-N-BASS, TRANCE, and more....

"This album contains a wide variety of the electronic-industrial-experimental sounds i am intrested in.I hope that this music can connect with others, and the tracks can be enjoyed on many different levels. To give you a preview of the music on this album, i figured i would break it down by track, and my own "description" of each." ---TOMMY T.

We are also HONORED to present to you the great ARTWAR of S.Alt of ANT-ZEN/hymen RECORDS!!
scarlimit V/A
Futronik Structures vol.6
[info] [order]

DSBP RECORDS has finally released VOLUME 6 of the very popular FUTRONIK STRUCTURES COMPILATION SERIES!!! Since 1997 we been doing this and although a few years since the last one, we been real busy here!

This NEW compilation features many of the DSBP BANDS from the past and present...- UCNX, ELECTRO SYNTHETIC REBELLION, INLINE SEX TERROR, AGHAST VIEW, DIVERJE, WHORE, BIOPSY, SCAR LIMIT, CRITICAL SYSTEM ERROR, SEVERE ILLUSION, WIRE TRAP, and BIO-MECHANICAL DEGENERATION. most of the tracks are BRAND NEW or from newly released albums and a couple of "Out Of Print" tracks as well..
scarlimit Trakktor
Halo of Lies
[info] [order]

Luxury double-digipack containing 2 CDs. A total of 130 Minutes of high-quality, kick-ass EBM. 16 page color booklet. Its been a year and a half since we released our album Force Majeure and now we are BACK. This total package contains all the TNT, Rage, Plutonium, Gunpowder and whatever the hell you can think of that goes BOOM! Distilled, bottled and left to mature until it's ready to blow your brains out. free download [soundcloud]
scarlimit Scar Limit
[info] [order]

The debut release from SCAR LIMIT, an American electro-industrial project from Paul Casper.Hailing from Virginia, USA, Paul captures a wide range of ELECTRO-INDUSTRIAL/EBM sounds and brings together the old school, and new school sound as well. for fans of- SKINNY PUPPY, DECODED FEEDBACK, ELECTRO SYNTHETIC REBELLION, DIN FIV, old school INFORMATIK, EVILS TOY, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, NOISE PROCESS etc...
lsdproject LSD Project
Dangerous Sounds
[info] [order]

The 2nd CD release from Harsh EBM/ INDUSTRIAL band - LSD PROJECT! Hailing from ITALY, this album features a stomping hard EBM assault on the dance floors, and also contains non-typical arrangements and a definite nod to HARDSTYLE/ TEKKNO styles as well. 10 new tracks + 2 more remixes and a beautiful design, booklet, digipack casing. This new CD shows more maturity and attempting to do their own thing with a newer updated sound.Previous fans will be happy as well. The vocals are deeper, darker, and you will be shouting along right away! DSBP RECORDS is happy to work with LSD PROJECT and bring this album in a LIMITED EDITION to the NORTH AMERICAN TERRITORIES!
burnt Diverje
[info] [order]

DIVERJE returns with a "post BURN AWAY EP"...we had many great remixes from the last album and wanted to get them on CD and heard by all of our friends, fans, supporters..theres some amazing mixes of music here, diversity in its most extreme form! Awesome remixes of "burn away" from - C-LEKKTOR, WHORE, DE_TOT_COR, DETUNED DESTRUCTION, BENT WITH LIGHT, THE VINEGAR WORKS, and other remixes for "bunker soul" and "suffer this world" from DIGITAL DEMENTIA, DETUNED DESTRUCTION, COLD DRIVE and theres new tracks on here, unreleased mixes and a killer collaboration with LUCIDSTATIC! 16 tracks, 74 minutes, and a nice price @ $8.00!!!
cse Critical System Error
[info] [order]

Critical System Error formed in late 2007. In their short time together, Xero and Residue, have proven to be a vital force in the Chicago industrial scene. Angry distorted beats matched with soul reaping vocals always get their crowd ready for a post nuclear sonic assault. Their debut album, "Ctrl/Alt/Deceive" was digitally released in december 2008 and has been released in print februarty 2009.

CSE has finished their sophomore album "Deicide" which will prove to be Chicago's most blasphemous industrial album to date.
inlinesexterror Inline Sex Terror
The Architecture of Madness
[info] [order]

After 2 years, Inline Sex Terror return with the long waiting second full length album entitled "The Architecture of Madness".

Inlinesexterror in this album balance perfectly between future pop , pure ebm and harsh industrial sound. "The Architecture of Madness" featuring 11 powerful tracks inspired by insane asylums , madness and mental illnesses...
trakktor Trakktor
Force Majeure
[info] [order]

After 3 years of waiting its finally completed. 3 years of hard work, 3 years of anticipation from our fans.

Absolutely relentless EBM with a deep orchestral influence delivered by cold hard machines, fueled by the most intensified rage imaginable. We aim to take you to the very darkest of places of the human soul and back so strap yourselves in for one hell of a ride.

The name speaks for itself. Force Majeure!
UCNX - Generation Damaged
DSBP#1102 [info] [order]
Whore - Whore
DSBP#1099 [info] [order]
Diverje - Burn Away
DSBP#1097 [info] [order]
Diverje - Stitched
DSBP#1085 [info] [order]
Proyecto Crisis - Made In Chile
DSBP#1093 [info] [order]
ESR - Post Industrial
DSBP#1092 [info] [order]

Welcome to the DSBP website! We appreciate you checking us out! Lotsa info and links are easy to find here. We concentrate first and foremost on the music and content, and less on the flash image and superficial stuff. Electro-Industrial,Coldwave, EBM, Experimental and Power Noise, and other deviations of the Underground's best music! We strive to bring the most intense and underated bands to the front line!

2008 is over, and we move into our 13th year as DSBP! We have now existed and kept it going for a decade! and we are proud of that for sure...I hope we can release many more great bands and CD's and the new trends and sheeple don't kill us off...we will fight hard, so stay tuned!

We hope you will support the label and check out each of these awesome releases! We sell each CD for $10 each and thats an amazing price for the long players we offer here with most releases going over 70 minutes. Always shipped out next day from the office here and we hope that doesn't get overlooked as most places take forever to send stuff out these days.

Thanks for your support, and hope to hear from you more in 2011!

DSBP distributes for many fine labels in the world wide underground, including ANT-ZEN/HYMEN, ART OF FACT,COMPONENT, COP INTERNATIONAL, AD NOISEAM, 23DB, ALIEN PRODUCTIONS, MONOPOL RECORDS, CRUNCPOD, CRYONICA, A DIFFERENT DRUM, NEGATIVE GAIN, HIVE RECORDS, HYPERVOXX, NINTHWAVE, NILAIHAH, WTII RECORDS...and various others, as well as self released band projects... We are known to be the most supportive UNDERGROUND INDUSTRIAL DISTRIBUTOR in the land :-)

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