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feb.15th 2003

Yo man! thanks for supporting the DSBP with this interview..you have always
been one of the stronger underground zines out there,and we appreciate that!

- When was DSBP Records Born and what was the innitial goal of the

T.T - DSBP was born in 1996...the initial goal was to release
elektro-industrial music of the underground that was not getting the support
it deserved on labels or by fans..i was really into alot of the new
elektro-industrial for the few years before that,and it just took control.
we wanted to release the Diverje stuff of course..(my personal band) and then
we found Biopsy!! and all was good from then on...this has been our culture
ever since..

- How do you feel the scene has changed since you first started DSBP?

T.T. -it has changed in many ways...where to begin?
the scene used to be smaller for sure...it has definately grown..that is good!
more clubs,more d.js,more bands,and more competition,and less distributors.

 cd sales are alot more scattered now due to file sharing,bootlegging,and
the amount of bands that are releasing music.
there are less labels doing elektro-industrial music...especially in the
USA! the scene seems to have gone more to the experimental/power noise side of
things...i like instrumental music too,but after awhile it all starts blending
together...when theres 500 power noise artists working on the same computer
programs..its bound to sound similar,when you don't have a voice in there.
variety is the best way..i miss that.

i see that the clubs are all one way...alot of the radio shows are another..
alot of division,due to there being so many musicians,d.j.'s and fans now
more than ever.it seems everyone has a hidden agenda or for their own band
they just started up....especially the club d.js...some real strangeness going
on there.not as many club d.j.s are breaking ground with their sets..except
the guys in Seattle,PUNISHMENT at Vogue..these guys are kick ass!(sorry if
theres others as cool as that,i just don't see your playlists...send em in!)

  well....its an evolving scene..things will always change,and people
like us will always be doing it...DSBP is always gonna be a hard elektro-harsh
industrial label,and we hope to see more people giving this music a shot
again....right now we have some of the strongest releases in the genre out
here.we will push them with all our might! sheeple will wake up...when its
loud and knocking them in the head out of bed...or when they are told "it is
cool to like industrial music now'...fucking society..its a joke...theres not
enough unique and intresting minds...too many followers of the norm..it upsets
me.i feel like i live amongst the robots alot of the time..do you?

- Why no vinyl releases? Are you not a fan of the format?

T.T. - for our style of music,the demand is not high...vinyl seems to scratch
and have a harder time being carried around than a bunch of cd's as well...so
well,we stick with what we like most..cd's are awesome overall...way better
packaging than vinyl ever has been...i am honest.

- What's your advice for bands just starting out that are trying to get
signed by smaller labels like DSBP?

T.T. - to release your own cd's first..(not cd-rs...anyone can do that,and
alot of cd-rs do not play on good cd players,or bad cd players,,.hehehe)
and send them to the labels and get distro..and then when these smaller labels
see your independent release
selling decently good...or great for that matter..well..then their attention
will be on you...it's supply and demand in the biz.
with so many bands out now,the new bands don't stand as much of a chance..

me ,personally,i sign bands that rock my world,and make me "want to work with
them,cause they are so damn good"... but i know not all labels work like
this..and most want to make money,or at least break even,or else whats the
point..?? we see alot of labels go under each year..it sucks!

- Your Cybonetix compilation series has always been a popular outlet for
new bands. How many submissions do you actually get for each one and how
do you possibly decide what goes on them and what doesn't?

T.T.- we usually get around 30 submissions or so..and i have to let down half
the bands,it sucks..cause we get alot of good music..and i wish more labels
were releasing these comps like we do with Cybonetix 1999-2002 and Futronik
structures vol.1-4.....there needs to be more..cause theres alot of talent
being overlooked,and always resorting to cd-r's and then they blend in more
than anything...the compilations really help the bands get heard and known..we
proved that with bands we got heard on comps before they were common names..
DAVANTAGE just to name a few of the bands that were heard on compilations,and
then became bigger names when their full cd's came out..

 i listen for the tracks that are gonna all fit,soundwise,and quality and
style...theres alot of bands that i feel bad having to leave off comps,cause
they were really good and doing original cool sounds!

- Everyone knows your opinions on file sharing and mp3 piracy. Do you
think that people that fileshare and those that are highly against it
can ever come to a compromise?

T.T. - really would be cool if the people who are obsessive mp3 pirates,and
file sharing madmen would understand the basic truths and points of why what
they are doing is wrong...and killing the music..it is easy to see,and anyone
who doesn't is obviously not a musician,or a good one,if they like seeing
their music devalued every day.."i just give my music away for free man,i like
everyone to hear it" is a common joe attitude,and with that attitude,you will
not make a career in music at all..and most people will give a fuck about you.

 we need to help them understand and cooperate with us...
 i been trying to get that to happen...along with others like Stefan
Herwig of DEPENDENT who is a big advocator of what i say/do as well...
we don't want those people who file share to hate us,like they do Metallica,we
want them to understand the point,the morality,and the reason! if they want
music like this to continue assimilating the masses,they have to support it by
buying the bands they like...and not stealing them..stealing is simply wrong.
just go into a dept. store and steal something and find out ...heheheh

- You'll soon be releasing the new CD/DVD from Penal Colony (a band that
hasn't released anything in 8 years) entitled "Unfinished Business." How
did you manage to get in contact with them and why have they decided to
release music again?

T.T. -ah..good story..i think so at least...
well,i had been a big Penal Colony fan back in 1995 or so..and seen them play
live here in Albuq. back then.we made friends,and kept in decent contact..
their band soon broke up for the most part,and i didn't hear from them
again...over those 5 years i had no idea what happened to them,and then one
day in 2000,i received an e-mail from D.Madden of Penal Colony! he had found
me again,as one of his good friends from work (Joe B.-"what up holmes")turned
him onto the Cyberage Radio.He realized it was me again!D.Madden soon
reastablished contact with me,and said that the Cyberage Radio "re-charged his
fuel and inspired him to continue on".I was ecstatic and said "do it up,my
brother,we want more Penal Colony!"!!and so he decided to
start working on new material for Penal Colony after all these years..
we remained in close contact,as Cyberage radio had the exclusive new tracks
first..people became more aware...now 2 years in the making the new Penal
Colony disc is finished and ready for release on the DSBP!

- "Unfinished Business" is your first DVD release as well, right? What
do you have planned for this specialty format?

T.T. - this will be a surprise...what will be on it...Dee of Penal Colony is
taking care of it.we'll keep this under wraps for now.

- What's been going on with System Der Dinge? They released the album
"Fear Forms Function" and then just vanished. Will they be releasing
anything else with DSBP?

T.T.--i wish i knew what the deal was with those guys! we all love their
debut disc...and wish we could get them to do more...i think they are not sure
which direction to go in musically..and i see confusion with the boys...i hope
they release something new soon..we will definately release  that..if they do
it..they have had a couple of comp. appearances in the last 2 years though...
the Futronik Structures vol.3 opened with a SDD track,as does the new
ELECTROAGE comp on Latex Records.

- DSBP Records released both the Symbiont CD "Ology" and the Lexincrypt
CD "My Sepulture" recently, both of which explore dark themes and the
type of harsh electro sound from the past. You're one of the few labels
still currently pushing this style of music in America. Do you feel a
lot of labels are trying too hard to release dancefloor material for

T.T.--just like everything in the USA,it is based solely upon buying trends
for most of the record labels...not too many major labels doing anything worth
not throwing up on....and the indies are mostly doing what they think will
sell...and not going with their heart and soul..and realizing there is a need
for diversity in the scene,always...so we will take that role i guess
..diverse and out there...i love it!! theres more to music than sales!

it seems most of the underground labels seem content following the trends and
finding the next VNV,apop wannabee...not realizing how many people are bored
to death of that sound now...its been overdone,.its time to move on...
 we totally love,believe and support the harder elektro/hard industrial
sounds,cause they seem more REAL,and timely with what society really is
like...no covering up and trying to predict a utopian society here.or silly
pop dance songs with no meaning or importance...it isn't
happening..this world is way too fucked up....so we write about it...and
actually do vocals too!;-)(alot of music these days is all instrumental noise
that people like..i think a mixture of styles is best)
this is an important time in history for words,and messages,and not to follow
the norm,and be like everyone else...

 i personally think music needs to be more diverse than i hear on most labels
bands....mix it up..take some chances..let the people warm up to you,don't
bank on another bands success making your band happen!

- I'm a huge fan of Biopsy so I have to ask. Do they have another
release planned or have they decided to just focus all their energy on
Aghast View?

T.T.-- you and me both!!!i am a huge fan of theirs and we have released 3
Biopsy albums here! they were our first outside signing..and always special
to the existence of DSBP.
i think they are keeping the door open for working on Biopsy,but they lost a
member ,and original member that wrote the Biopsy music with Fabricio.
so hopefully the Aghast View bro's (denis and fabricio) will join to do Biopsy
as well..we would definately love that..i keep trying my best to push them
that way too...we love both Aghast View and Biopsy here,lets cross our

- Diverje's "2:40am" double CD just came out and already you'll soon be
releasing another double CD entitled "Amphibian!" Could you tell us
about this new release and what you have planned for it?
T.T.--Diverje has become one of our most in demand bands..and that works for
me(since its my stuff)!it keeps me busy 24/7 between the DSBP work,the
radio,club promotions i do for many labels,and my own d.j. gig at
KUNM/Cyberage radio for the last 8 years as well...Diverje is my late night
treat!!i love composing songs at 2-7am each week..hehehehhe

the new album is entitled "Amphibian" and celebrates our underated friends of
the wild...the Frogs! gotta love those fat slimy things,so much more fun than
most people!we will have many different pics of froggos in this album,and talk
about conservation,and captive care for pet store bought amphibians...
this is the first time i have seen a concept album of this nature.

  the new album is gonna be another double cd,as we have enjoyed success
with that format and people really dig getting 30 tracks or more,of great
industrial diversity for the price of most labels single cd releases...
this is fun,and a good point too!! keep the most music available for the best
prices! give the fans a bang for their buck!!yeah!

the new box set will contain 1 cd of all new material..15 tracks of dark,hard
elektro-industrial,with some melodic tracks more for the dance floor,and some
noisier instrumentals...as well as slower to fast tempo industrial chaos!
lots of diversity and collaborations here...the sound is stronger than before!
disc 2 of the set will include all the new remixes,and oddities we have lined
up between now and then...we intend on releasing this 30 song box set dcd in
july/august...the concept has alot to do with "amphibians" and the artwork,and
atmoshere of the album will show that off for sure..all new music for you!

it is gonna be fun, Diverje always walks our own path..and its good to see
alot of people accepting and supporting that.

- What's the news about Testube?

T.T. - TESTUBE just contacted me recently again..and has a new album lined up
for this summer as well...it is gonna be very intresting to show how his sound
has evolved and changed alot over the last 3-4 years...Testube is definately
one of those artists not content to sound like most..always pushing for a new
and original sound,and flavor...we are excited about the return of Testube!
stay tuned for more..

- There's also a new release coming from Aghast View. Will it be along
the same lines as "Trendsetter?"

T.T. -the new single "drifter" is gonna be massive on the club,and radio
playlists! addictive sounding new elektro music,and a very progressed style
overall..very original,and powerful!! the new realm of industrial music is
being developed in our labs at DSBP!

- With War on the horizon do you see more bands releasing more
aggressive material instead of all the upbeat dance stuff that has been
invading the scene in the past few years?

T.T. - hehehe no doubt..this is the world today..bad shape!
i think the music should get more in touch with todays events,with music,yeah,
...or maybe ,they can all leave that up to us..since
we been doing it since 1995....never a mellow pop poser moment here..
we keep it aggressive and in your face...as music should be of this
nature...it is Industrial music! with a name like "Industrial" music,it better
kick ass,clank,scream,and distort your fucking face off!!;-)

- What's the next evolutionary step for DSBP Records?

T.T. - for everyone that listens to the bands we release here to "get it"!!
we will be releasing more excellent elektronics,hard industrial sounds as long
as we can...the evolutions are natural,and i see it growing,and adding on all
the time....hard work does pay off..musically and businesswise...and never
giving in to the sheeple,and the common way! be different ,and strive for
originality,yet without going over the deep end...rock it with passion and
conviction!no comprimise!

- Thanks a lot Tommy! Anything you want to add in closing?

T.T..- thanks bro..its nice to have great people like you in this scene
,supporting,and promoting and doing pieces on labels like us...
please check out the DSBP website for all thats going on in the independent
elektro-industrial scene ,as well as synthpop,power noise and experimental
music,as we distribute it all at the best prices,and best service
anywhere..or so they all say.:-)

check out the Cyberage radio for 5 new hours each week of
streaming ,downloadable mixes and tons of new music from the underground!
we are enjoying huge success with the Cyberage and DSBP and we thank you all
for checking it out..this is our dream,and you make it real!


laters man,thanks for your support,


.music .media .culture

> <_______begin interview____>
> Restrictions of Internet Radio.
> Some say "all good thing's come to an end?".
> May this be the case of internet radio show's.
> Culture Shock talk's with Tommy T from "Cyberage Radio".
> Greeting's Tommy thatnk's for taking a time out with us from your busy schedule..
> 1. I know Cyberage has been running for awhile now,how long has there been "red tape" involved with internet radio show's.Like those the RIAA and similar organization's are trying to push.

hey man, nice talking to you...hope you are doing good..
i think the red tape began this year...i never heard of any internet radio
problems till now...but i am in my own little world,and stay as far away from
the mainstream media,and all that as possible..

> 2.How have recent ruling's and event's changed "or" has it changed your show [CYBERAGE RADIO].

it has not changed it too much..we never played the RIAA ,major label shit
bands anyways...its not music for the Cyberage...mainstream,major label music
is for the mainstream..not underground /public/college radio...
so we are getting waivers to play the music without royalty fees from the
smaller labels we work with...and thats it..if the corporates try to fuck with
us,and get us off the internet...we will send our boys down and .,,,,,,
i'm not worried about it.

> 3. How do you think it will affect lister's of show's such as your's and many other's like your's.

i think the shows are gonna have to get the waiver forms from labels signed
and ready for when the Riaa come down on them...i would not suggest playing no
major labels on the shows...that will help..if you do not play RIAA
bands..then what can they really do?
theres tons of opinions on this..but i am not letting those assholes bother me
,or keep me in fear.

> 4.Do you feel "as I do" that it's just more of big brother taking away more of our freedom's...Like internet radio's demise today tomorrow what people can wear, implanted computer chip's in someone's body cavity? """Oh they're already doing that chip thing anyway's aren't they hint hint"""!

LOl..most definately...theres always gonna be more obstacles in our way of
happiness,and the corporate control over us "common people" is only growing.
we just have to quietly rebel,and not let their rules get in the way of our
fun..when they take it all away..revolution will come from chaos...it always

> 5.What can people do in taking the first step in basically saving their own freedom..[What may be small today will just pave the way to worse thing's later in time..]
i think by supporting the underground music scene and not worrying about
corporate distributors,stores,and all that stuff..
supporting the real good internet radio shows,and the new music..theres
nothing that can stop that..the music will always be most important and most
powerful,and liberating.

> 6.Where might people find more information so they can do their part's in maintaining "music listening freedom" and why should they do it...

i think the Save the internet radio campaign is still going...get involved
check out those links,and write to the proper people,and spread the word..and
keep the freedom alive.

thanks for the interview,and lets not let the corporate evils ruin our fun and
spirit...we go on!!
keep in touch,and check out the DSBP for the best deals in new music..
laters bro,

> In closing your honor,
> Thing's change quikly in this world,something that may be minor today may prove to be even more drastic as time roll's on..What you do today may stop the grander scale of thing's to come...
> Act now it's never to LATE...
> Special thank's to Tommy T of CYBERAGE RADIO
> http://www.cyberage.cx
> Listen to Cyberage Radio 24/7 lot's of great Gothic/Industrial/Experimental/Electro music as well as the top underground and indie artist's making their debut's on great show's as this....
> (c)ACyD BURN 02
> ---
> DeKonstruKtion ReCords 
> http://www.dekonunderground.cjb.net
> Nation of Disorder
> http://www.mp3.com/ACID_BATH
> http://www.mp3.com/DDK
> Culture Shock ezine
> http://doomzdaykult.tripod.com/culture_shock_ezine/ 

> DSBP Interview For Hard Wired Zine
> http://www.hard-wired.org.uk
> www.dsbp.cx
> 1.	When did the label begin, what were your reasons for starting it,
> and how did you decide on the name. I believe the initials stood for
> something different before?

thanks for the interview. the DSBP began in 1996...
we originally started out as a metal/industrial label..
we released some heavy stuff and some cassettes in the first year...it took us
a year to get our focus on elektro-industrial,and phase out the metallic
stuff.we have kept an aggressive edge though with all our bands signed.
the initials stand for many different things...have fun with it.
why be like everyone else,and so simple....we keep ya guessing.

> 2.	Who are the bands currently signed to DSBP?


> 3.	What qualities do you look for in a DSBP band?

we really enjoy and appreciate originality,diveristy and a more harder
aggressive sound..we like the elektro-industrial sound alot here.
sometimes synthpop/ebm,and power noise,but i prefer when bands can mix it all
in there...theres too much cloned shit coming out from the synthpop,and power
noise genres...so much of it sounds the same now.
bands need to bring it to the next level and mix the styles in a smooth
way..thats what most of our roster does,only intelligent people pick up on
that. we are picky..but we love alot of bands that we haven't been able
to sign...so we support them through distro,and radio promotions that i do
here at DSBP.

> 4.	How closely do you work with your bands, do you help promote their
> tours and support them at their gigs?

we work as closely as they will let us..but we also have 12 bands to work with
,and to be on top of everything always is kinda rough...but we give our bands
all the best support we can give.we are a family oriented label..all of our
bands are brothers!

> 5.	How many releases are available now from DSBP?

we are on DSBP #1044 now...so we been busy..
44 releases as of now...and 38 are cd releases...i think...

> 6.	How many members of staff are involved with the day to day running
> of the label?

day to day it is me and Cyb0burnt...i am always at it here,and he is the
webmaster ,tech-guru...always helping me with anything i need..and our good
buddy Mikey is always helping us on the audio side..he does some great
mastering for each release,and editing,and programming..
there are also some DSBP Team members in other states in the USA who help us
often with financial end of things!Dave O.,Ryan H.,and Brian L. are the
awesome backup we have to keep the team rocking!!

> 7.	As you also offer a distribution service, it must be a great help
> for advertising DSBP through the labels you're involved with, also this
> must provide a good knowledge of the current worldwide scene and help in
> your choice of selecting artists to feature on your compilations and radio
> show. Can you comment?

yeah it is...but i must say..we help more labels than would ever help us..i
think a major problem in this underground scene is...too many of the "so
called" underground labels are not supportive of the others..they are really
just wanting to be a "major label" in the long run,and they do not do as many
trades,and pick up our titles like we do theirs..
 we do work with alot of great labels though too!! METROPOLIS does a good job
on distro with us,and a few labels do trades still.
we are doing all we can to help everyone though,and the only label i see with
a similar attitude is....ANT-ZEN...ever see a barcode on one of their discs??
ever see one on ours? we are not here to be corporates,or MTV bands..fuck
that.we don't care about soundscan and billboard and they don't care
about us..LOL!! 

> 8.	Let's talk about your radio show CYBERAGE RADIO, what is this
> project about and how did you become involved with it?

i started this show out of my love for new electronic music...
this is the longest running "electro-industrial/power noise/synthpop
mixed" show going strong! we been on KUNM,university of New Mexico for 
8 years now...and we been on the website since 1997..i remember when we
first did it,and sent a playlist to RMI,how everyone was puzzled at what we
were doing..and all of these new d.js came up asking me how to do the internet
radio shows,and put them online....i see alot of those guys doing it still to
this day and always in competition..its fun..cause we know we rock the boat.

5 hours is more than any other show out there!! we are not just an internet
radio show...we are on the air ,real radio power!!
,100,000 watts reaching all of New Mexico,and
then people can listen live as well as well as archived shows on the website.
we keep each program up for a years time...over 300 hours of music..its
plus we always keep alot of personality and reality to the show...and rants
and all that...someone needs to do it..

> 9.	What is DSBP's relationship with Optikon Rekords?

Optikon Records is John Thomas's label..(of ANDRACULOID),this is a smaller
label he uses for cd-r releases,and to release his own stuff...if we don't.
we are brother labels,and we will do some more releases together,where we both
pitch in on all sides of it.

> 10.	Will DSBP only specialise in the harder electro / industrial
> genre?

we like alot of diversity,and keep doing what we love...most of the better
music i get here is of the harder elektro-industrial sound..and stuff i can
personally relate to..cause we are not all "Happy happy joy joy here" and
like to write about our reality.thats industrial music!!
there are bigger problems in this world than losing a girlfriend..

> 11.	How many other countries are DSBP distributed within and how have
> you found their responses are towards your music?

we are mainly distributed here in the USA and in CANADA.which is too bad...
European distributors want everything for free basically and never really paid
anyone i know off,and they disappear quickly..so i don't know of any reliable
distributors....in fact i can only think of METROPOLIS,DSBP,and ADD and then
for the noise stuff ANT-ZEN as the best,and most reliable distributors.in the
world.its rally sad to see it,and disappointing to our bands as well..

we tried with some of the overseas distributors,but they are very snobby and 
stuck in their same old sounds...sorry to say it..but i only speak it as i see
it.they are afraid of heavier stuff too..no doubt about that!!!:-)

> 12.	Moving back home now, what are your views on the US scene at the
> moment; do you feel more US acts are relying on Europe for sales?

i think the USA is putting out the best and most diverse electronic music..
i don't think we rely on the European market,cause i don't see much of a
market there for the bands of the states...unless you are a synthpop/ebm club
star.it seems like the USA welcomes the European bands ,and all these people
will spend $20 for a cd of the same old remixes..but its not the same there.

> 13.	I see you display an anti copying symbol on your advertising. How
> badly has CD-R copying and file sharing on the net affected the label?

copy does kill music...easy and simple...just think about it.
it has killed our sales by at least 50%..as my sales were way higher last year
at this time,and the year before even better..and we had alot less stuff..
our catalog has around 500 titles..and if i told you how many sales i get a
week..you would be like..."huh????" we press less too...1,000 cd's used to be
standard..now 500 press is standard.thats not cause people do not like our
music..as i get over 200 e-mails a day..people hearing our stuff and loving
it,and tons and tons of d.js and webzines wanting free cd's...its never
ending..LOL...who buys cd's? why do we even press them? have you heard about
mp3 labels?? what the hell is that?? the trendies are multiplying..

think about it...theres so much music being shared for free..if people can get
a full length disc in a download,why do they want to buy it? since so many
people do not even buy cd players anymore..they just run mp3s all day..
so the technology and the stupidity of the human race for the moral factor is
what has made this happen..and it is happening to all the labels i know
of..DSBP is just one of them...and yeah..it sucks,and i have never ,ever
downloaded a full cd off the internet,and i buy cd's instead if copying
them,and downloading them..i wish more would do the same ,instead of following
the sheeople,and trends they follow.i can't believe what has become,and why
someone would spend their time copying discs,and downloading free bootlegs,
but then again i value art,and respect the musicians doing it..so i buy
it.cd's are more intense to me,than the fashion...i laugh at how many chose
fashion over music,and dance to the same old shit at the club every week for
the last 10 years...just as cheezy as the commercial fucks..just looking more
"scary and trendy"hehehe whatever..
without labels like DSBP,and our killer compilations ,so many bands would go
unheard forever...as the same old 80's new wave/rock blares the sound system
at every supposed "industrial night" in every city...predictable..(yawn).

> 14.	What are the future plans for DSBP?

to keep pushing great new hard elektro/harsh industrial sounds..helping our
bands get more cd's released,and gigs and support.we also will keep ranting
and letting the people know whats up here,and why things are like that!!
without knowledge we cannot change things...so we talk about it to bring about
change at some point..or at least keep the other side open to people.
 we have alot of new stuff coming out this year...
we are not stopping man...no matter what happens...

> 15.	Any final comments for our readers?

keep supporting the good hard industrial music!!
check out DSBP for all your mailorder needs..
and Cyberage radio for constant new music,and great mixes of all styles..

thanks man,gotta jet,cheers.
----TOMMYT///--DSBP label and distro owner----CYBERAGE RADIO-----------
CYBERAGE RADIO========== http://www.cyberage.cx

Interview of Tommy T. of DSBP for an article on "copy kills music"
for SLUG magazine,in Salt Lake City,Utah....interview by J. Cameron..
DSBP -Tommyt (answers)

> - How long as DSBP been in business?

TommyT-- DSBP has been in business for 5 years now...our first releases were
more on the industrial-metal  side..and we have 38 releases on the label now.

> - How do you think that the MP3 rage and CD-R burnings are effecting you as an
> owner of a label?

T.T---in all honesty...i think it is really hurting alot of labels and
yes.it gives us exposure...but i think radio and clubs do just as well,as
internet radio shows..theres alot of them out there....tons..lots of links and
as easy to find as the mp3's and napster are..easy to find.
at least radio and clubs expose the songs only...not give you full albums for
free to spread to your friends...ya know?

but i think when people realize they can ask around a bit,and find stuff for
free that they would otherwise buy..well they take it...alot easier to store
on the ole harddrive,.right?"cd's take up too much room"some people will say.

 people are so used to free music now,and through all
the different ways of getting it all..they rarely seem to buy cd's
anymore.its really been sad lately to hear about alot of labels and bands
having to quit...cause they just couldn't make it by anymore.
some may think i make this up..but i don't..you can ask most labels doing
industrial music...they will say the same.the major labels benefit from mp3's
and napster,of course...cause people will always buy their idols,and heroes,
and commercial bubblegum music.and plus..it has mtv,and all the other
network,and cable channels to push this shallow cheeze music most people buy
the thing is this...industrial music is more popular in the clubs and
public/college radio than ever before..it gets alot of exposure...yet sales
have dropped for most labels by around 30-50% over the last year or so...thats
what i can report,and i'm sure others will follow.
yet,theres so much more music in stock...like 4 X more of what we had last
year for instance..
theres also alot of this music out,so the competition is certainly rough..but
when your bands are getting bootlegged and put up on napster and mp3's on
peoples sites without permission,well,it spreads like wildfire..and the
underground-industrial community is pretty tight with each other.
so the loss of sales and income for the bands and labels is imminent.

> - What do you see in the future of the industry is this does not sieze to stop?

T.T-  well,,first off..it ain't stopping...i see all these new file sharing
and mp3 players,storage all advertised daily on tv and you know the sheep will
always follow what they see advertised on tv,right?
so its not going anywhere..
we are not gonna let it deter us though..we will figure out ways to combat
piracy and spreading of music illegally in any way we can think of...but we
know we are outnumbered by the herds,of course.watermarking,and shit like that
needs to be more opened and talked about....since that other side (piracy) is
so open in every way it can be.

actually..i am in this to have fun,and for the love of music..so we will keep
releasing cd's,and keep trying to spread good morals and awareness to those
who don't have a clue..maybe we will see people be more honest in the future
and not do it as much...maybe we won't...but theres not anyway to stop the
madness...just keep making music,and take your chances...knowing..theres no
real career,or $$ in making music,releasing music,or distributing it..
kinda disheartening i think, if YOU ARE the business owner..sure..cause we put
out all the money to make all this happen in the first place..thats what
people forget..sure,its not all about money,,but when you need money to make
money....ah..figure it out? why do we work daILy dead end jobs to feed our
families...right? same thing,we have to do it..its called life,its called
survival..yes,even musicians,and label onwers need to eat from time to time.
music and DSBP,well,its my passion and my love..but also my
career,and i put everything i have personally into making it work,and
releasing great industrial music.

> - What is your opinion of a lot of the labels that are going under now?

T.T.-i feel for them,and can understand why they lost it all..it can happen to
any of us..its risky business,and we all know that getting involved..still
this new trend of file sharing has made it more difficult than ever to
seriously carry on a business and make any recoup or profit to pay the bands
for their work,and great art/music...
people like free alcohol,and cocaine when its put in front of them
too...right?why pay when its for free???doh!

so its a vicious cycle...we may have alot more casualties along the way now..
we hope to survive,and i hope to see the music i love so much survive and not
get put aside and lost for the shitty music most people in this country cling
onto obsessively...the same old shit..mtv generation makes me sick to death..

oh yeah..if anyone cares...check out our kick ass elektro-industrial music

i better stop...its getting too fun.

DSBP interview and Overview done by...
Philippee Desjardins of the ELECTROGARDEN NETWORK

> to be used by distributors, promoters...
> Contact person(s)(with work title): TOMMY T.RAPISARDI (CEO of all
music /label/distro /radio promo operations)
> Business Address: 237 Cagua NE,Albuquerque,N.M. 87108 (U.S.A)
> Telephone #:505-266-8274
> Fax #: ----------------

> Website:http://www.dsbp.cx
> to be used by artists and fans
> order merchandise(online store):http://www.dsbp.cx (Gemm affiliate)
> order catalogue: same as above...or e-mail (tommyt@dsbp.cx)
> mailing list: 237 Cagua NE, Albuquerque,N.M. 87108
> submit a demo: send a fucking cd for gods sake...same address..make sure
its good...i get tons of these every day..alot of crap too...think about it.

> 1-When and how did your label started?

the DSBP label officially started in 1996..
we started it up cause we had alot of music we wanted to release and
didn't give a shit about the major labels,or most of the indie industrial
labels who were out at the time...only signing big European bands and that
was it.
we believe in the talent we work with fully..and like to work with artists
step by step..and help them develop as well as thrive.

> 2-What is your mission (goals)?
we just aim to put out great elektronic/industrial music that we love...we
prefer bands with more depth and diversity..dance floor EBM,
industrial,synthpop,and some power noise,and experimental music..
we like artists who can cover a wide scope,and we do our best to get those
artists heard,known and appreciated,and selling discs.
originality is always a MUST at DSBP..theres already so many Suicide
Commando,Skinny puppy wanna bees in the scene..we just like to go for the
more original bands with new power and energy.

> 3-Which genres do you specialise in?

EBM,industrial,synthpop,diverse mixings of electronics.

> 4-What do you think about the independent scene's
> actual situation?

not good to tell you the truth.
well.its really rough to sell cd's these days for any electronic indie
label..the music scene is just controlled and revolved around napster and
mp3.com...who aren't even music labels or producers..they just offer alot
of free music,and people want free music..at least mp3.com is doing it the
right way..although there is so much cheezey stuff up there...its not
worth bothering with the crap most of the time,i think...
but still..thats all people go to for new music,and
napster..not much room for labels to get sales,or support..cause when
everything is available for free...who needs to support the artists?
buying the bands cd's..thats what supports the bands...not bootlegging
them,or spreading them to all your friends and downloading full cd's..
that what the masses think..thats why more and more indie labels die
everyday and why so many bands can barely even sell a few hundred units as
compared to a few thousand by those same bands...a few years ago..
those were the good ole days..B.N.(Before Napster,their music supplier of now)
its not a good situation..we are losing everyday..
we only do this for the music..no the $$ cause we would have been dead by
now..we really don't make much of anything.,,the label or the bands..we
are all poor,and not making enough to even break even.thats why we all
work round the clock at our day jobs as well as trying to run a business
and distro,and promotions company as well.

yet,we have more airplay,more club play and more awareness of our bands
than ever cause of all the cd's we send out to radio,clubs and press..
but i guess people read those reviews,hear it on radio and clubs and find
it on Napster...thats good for them..but not for the artists who are
losing alot of money and hope in the record business,and in their
careers..since they have to work 3-4 jobs to survive...these days.

> 5-In a business point of view, how is it to be an
> independent record label?

it sucks...unless you are a rich bastard or have a family that will give
you $$ all the time..which we certainly don't..i wish.

we scrape up our $$ for releases in any way we can..whoring ourselves out,
doing odd jobs,promoting for other labels,slave labor,..sexual
whatever it takes..
since sales aren't that common in this "hey im a
d.j,promoter,press,etc" promo whoring scene.,hehehe hows that for a
positive outlook? 

well.i really do have one..cause its all about the music to me..and not
the trends..i love this music..it is my bloodline..it makes me
smile..makes me feel ,make me so fucking happy..the synthetic sounds pulse
through my body and keep me alive..this will always be my culture,the
music is all i care about.

 wanna hear something funny? i have NEVER even used napster..
i watched others,but i have never used it for anything..i bet i am among
the lowest percentage in this country...like the 1% bracket.
if you hear soemthing and you like it...buy it for gods sake..just like
you would a burger at Mickee Deees....you can't steal food right?
or can you?
i respect artists and always buy their music when i like it..it makes me
feel good to do that..all the punks stealing music from the god  Napster
should really think about it all...and how right i am.

> 6-What can be done to insure that the scene continues
> to evolve?

kill all bootleggers and napsters...kill em all!

the music is always good,and always has been..theres o much good stuff
coming out on the indie elektronic labels i see..and alot of new blood
thats coming up too...
  but until people are not so
spoiled by having everything for free at the clock of a mouse..
and with all the computer software available for anyone,the scene
will always be way underground and full of clones,and cheezy bands that
imitate more than innovate..

theres alot of great music in the industrial scene as we all know...it
just needs to be supported properly..or there will be no music in the
future.theres so much talent being overlooked daily...thats why i think
mp3.com,and napster surely fill the scene up with alot of fluff and crappy

support music the right way! keep the artists and labels who spend all
their time and $$ to do this for you..alive!!
 go to the clubs,shows and buy the bands stuff...support music.,not
trends..not the whole fetish look,"look at how i look" shit..thats so
poseur..this scene reminds me of the 80's glam metal scene sometimes..too
many people are all about LOOK and not music..its the music that matters..

how is Napster so huge and billion dollar business if it doesn't make $$
off all the artists they rip off? corporate schemes that the general
public and bozo's just follow blindly...like sheep.baaaaaaaaahhhhh

think about it..don't point a finger at me..i have balls to say what most
record labels want to say..but are too scared to say..cause they are
trying to be "like the rest of the sheep" and not talk shit that they may
get backlashed for.,.i don't care though..its all about the music and our
artists to me..not the wankers who steal it and make our lives miserable.
people will always talk shit..they always have..so i just say what i
want,and make sure i am understood at least.let the talkers talk.

> To complete this profile, I could put an image
> (approx. 200 x 200) of your logo with it. You can send
> it at this email address.

i will have my graphics dept sent that to you..soon..
thanks alot.

> Thanks a lot!
> Philippe
> The Electrogarden Network

What's the deal with Tommy T and DSBP? by Paul Serino, local intern for mtv.com

Dressed from head to toe in black and complemented by a long, satanic looking goatee, Tommy T hasn't stopped talking for over 5 minutes. The owner of local record label DSBP, a label that he both founded and is a contributing artist for, Tommy T seems very at ease giving interviews regarding his label. However, every question I throw at this guy is answered in a stream of consciousness monologue of tangents, laughter, and physical motion. Tommy has been half rambling, half babbling his answer to my question, "How did you found DSBP?"

"When I was growing up," Tommy replies, lurching around in his chair to get more comfortable, "I would listen to a lot of new wave music. Some of my favorite bands were like, DEVO, Depeche Mode for the electronic stuff, and for my heavier tastes I would listen to the older Van Halen stuff and AC/DC.

"The label goes by DSBP, all initials now, but it can mean whatever. We started out calling it Decomposed Skunk Bud Productions. I like decomposed as a word because it means different things. People think it's just some animal rotting away, but it's not. I think sometimes what I do with music is decompose it. I take something then totally mess it up from what people would want. But to meit sounds good. But I made sure that it's not too avant-garde, experimental, but that it's ridiculous. I just use different sounds to make a lot of noise," Tommy says laughing.

Glancing at me, Tommy can tell by my face that he hasn't answered my question yet, but before I can ask it again, Tommy launches into another monologue:

"I started DSBP because for a long while I was producing stuff on my own, tapes and stuff like that. I really found it a pain in the ass to get signed, as of course most people do. But you know, I was writing to a lot of labels, sending my stuff in, calling them and I started to think, 'What's the point of doing this when instead I could just put my money where my mouth is?' I could do it on my own. I already had an idea of what I wanted to do, it was just a matter of getting organized."

Tommy pauses, looking I suppose to guage my reaction to his question. Uncomfortable waiting for me to immeadiately follow up with another one, Tommy takes the initiative to fill the silence. "I have always been able to hear a band and now that they are going to be big. The first band I ever experienced that feeling with was Depeche Mode in the early eighties. When their first album came out, same with Ministry, when these guys first came out they were just electronic dweebs. And they weren't even on commercial radio - I heard these guys on WUSB out in New York, a really good station that just totally changed my life. Because once I found public radio, I was just like, 'Wow! There does exist music beyond Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd...' those bands are good but there is more out there."

A twenty-seven year old transplant from Long Island, NY, Tommy T cameto Albuquerque in 1990. When he initially came to the Duke City, he tried to join the University of New Mexico jazz band. Since he was in the fourth grade, Tommy has played the sax. When he failed to get into the jazz band, Tommy turned his attention to the local music scene.

for five years Tommy spent his time in Albuquerque singing in thrash and death metal bandes. All the while Tommy swears that his heart was in the elctro-dance beats of Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails. Taking the time to develop his skills on the electric keyboards, Tommy focused all his attention towards producing music that he felt more emotionally attached to.

Noticing that Tommy is wrapping up his answer, I jump at the chance to get another question in as I'm afraid that he'll continue jabbering for another ten minutes. And, judging by the music DSBP puts out - a cruder, more raw version of Nine Inch Nails - God knows what this devilish looking character might start talking about next. I ask Tommy about DSBP signing a band that comes from Brazil, even though the band and Tommy have never met.

"I signed this band from Brazil called BIOPSY, and we're going to release their album in about a month. It's actually my first real signing - I had to write up a contract and everything. It's really fun, I like being in kind of a controlling position of a label. And it really is a label that is founded by a musician for musicians. I'm not trying to rip anyone off or put in some hidden clause... It's totally a 50/50 deal. Biopsy heard of us - um," Tommy pauses, stroking his goatee, and reforms his thoughts.

"I got this electro magazine, Culture Shock, in the mail one day just by chance. They had heard about our label a while back when we were just in the beginning stages. So I read through the magazine and it had a lot of bands I had never heard of. And this one band in particular, Aghast View, they said something in their interview that really interested me. They said, 'We will remix for anyone who is interested in getting a remix done. Send your music over and tell us what you want to have done.' So I figured that this would be a great idea for Diverje, a band I founded and was on DSBP. I sent them some stuff and they remixed it."

I reminded Tommy that the band he signed was Biopsy and now he was talking about Aghast View. "Yeah, Aghast View was on a label in Brazil called Kershack Records, along with a lot of other bands. The label went under and several of the bands started contacting DSBP. One of those bands was Biopsy. They sent me some stuff and asked if I would be interested in releasing some of their stuff. Immediately after I threw their tape in, I was saying to myself that this stuff is unbelievable. I wrote them up a contract and we both signed it."

I am intrigued enough by Tommy's animated style to venture another question, the most obvious one I can think of. How does he - who has a small label in Albuquerque, New Mexico - conduct business with a band in South America if they have never met? "Everything has been e-mail so far," is Tommy's surprisingly quick answer. Then Tommy once again fills the silence. "That's the beauty of life in 1997, everything is computers. I probably would have spent an additional $1700 in postage alone, sending stuff back and forth."

I ask Tommy if he hopes to make DSBP his career or if he wants to use this label as a stepping stone for something bigger. "As I'm growing as a musician and becoming more intense," he replies, "it takes all my time. I mean, there are those musicians out there who aren't as intense as me. For them it's just a hobby. They go about their regular lives, they get married, they have kids, and --boom-- that's it. But for me, I feel that there is a larger purpose ahead. I feel this label, the bands... I mean, I can guarantee we will have success. You know, like when Babe Ruth pointed for his home run, I can point out there for our success."

DSBP - Elektro / Industrial / Cyber Music Rules, period!! Over all. by V.Edgar, Gaze Into a Gloom zine, Latvia

V.Edgar: I know that you are the chief of DSBP, and also have two musical projects: in-FUSED and Diverje, plus you do a radio show. Let me know if something should be added to this list. How long are you in this business? When was the DSBP label born?

Tommy T: Yes, it is me that runs DSBP and my main projectis Diverje, cause it's diverse with different guests involved all the time. in-FUSED is purely electro and solo. My latest project Provizion appears on "Futronik Structures" also,, it's with Jeff Danos of Colorado (Wrack Process). I have also been in hardcore metal bands No Escape (1988-1990) plus Detestation (1993-1996), so I've been doing it for almost 9 years playing-wise. The label has been around for 2 1/2 years now. We're constantly growing and 5 years will be interestingg. In 1995 we were born with the Detestation "M.O.H." CD.

V: Your V/A "Industro Synthesis" CD, which collected so many good reviews, includes 16 artists. If any of them decided to sign a contract with DSBP after release of this CD? If not, what do you think was the reason?

T: Yes, but that was not the reason to do the compilation. It's just to get us all together plus carious styles / artists on a cool cyber compilation. We have diverje plus in-FUSED of course on DSBP,also [inquest proxy] - his new stuff is more industrial / electro. And the other project (more aggro crossover) of Aghast View - they are Biopsy from Brazil. They are on "Futronik" as well, and we have a full length CD from Biopsy "Cervix State Sequences" out in November 1997, it rules!!!

V: Please describe the strategy of DSBP. What factors, as you think, are the most important for the future of your label? Why "Cleopatra Records" became so strong as a label?

T: The strategy is to put out quality plus diverse electro industrial cyber albums. We will keep doing 2 compilation CDs a year and our "official" bands will penetrate the airwaves plus masses with our infectious music. We will work hard to promote each band right and longer than one week!!

V: Is Russian music market ready for industrial music? Do you know any American industrial music labels successfully selling CDs, etc in Russia?

T: I would like to think the Russian market would be ready for this music and buy it. World recognition is very important for us. Not just for sales, but to touch people's lives with our music is wonderful. It's cool to learn about all kinds of cultures plus to be respected plus liked for the music is nice. I don't know of any labels that sell well in Russia, but I'd like to try!! Isn't there a band from there called Stiff Mirrors, they're on "Cleopatra" label (yes it is so, it seems to me they have already released "Giselle" album in 1995), haven't heard it all but one song was real cool!! All you people hook up with DSBP!!

V: Let's talk about your projects like in-FUSED and Diverje. Please tell me when you started them, and what is the main difference between them?

T: Diverje is my main project and it is a hybrid crossover yet very more electro project. It started as a "band" but Mike O my guitarist was too narrowminded and too metal, which I already did for years and became bored of. So I juggle people as guests in and out, and it works great for diversity, which I love. But it's very industrial / electro with many cool remixers on my next CD "existence / program remix" double album on one CD in Summer 98. Included are Danos, Biopsy, Razed in Black, and Clone DT. Very great CD that will be!! in-FUSED is fully electro-wave, with me doing it all. Kinda minimum, melodic, hard, and personal music. More inn the new wave meets industrial view. The vocals I do range in diversity plus the effects which I try to set different sounds plus tones in each song. I' more shy about this one than Diverje!

V: What music style is now the most popular in New Mexico? Did you ever think to stop doing elektro industrial cyberage, and to begin doing "fashion music"?

T: Right now in New Mexico the trend is rap cheez!! and alternica crappy wanna be punk. It's so pathetic, the shit people like to buy, the majority of all people are just sheep following the trend, MTv, commercial radio. The only way I would be in "fashion music" was if they all came to me and jumped on our trend (industrial cyber) then I'd become "fashion" I guess, but industrial / elektro music rules, period!! over all.

V: What do you think about V2 and other fighters against aliens? Could it be possible that industrial trance ambient music was sent to us from space? What stimulated the beginning of industrial music?

T: It's interesting to hear our music could be sent to us from space! I get that deeling a lot when I listen to it. I must admit at age 8-10 hearing Kraftwerk plus Devo plus seeing them on their covers, I thought that it was true, and I thought they were aliens. The truth is out there, I know we're not alone, but I don't think all aliens are bad. They're like humans: some good, some bad, or we would have had a big confrontation by now. My theory. Only time will tell, but space plus drugs plus creativity plus innovation we influenced plus started industrial, I think.

V: What are your plans for the near future?

T: My plans right now are all DSBP plans. First off, the Futronik Structures CD, to promote it to its extent. Next, for November 97 is Biopsy "Cervix State Sequences" CD (13 tracks, 60 minutes), plus in December we have "Digital:6::Focus:A", a 6-band split CD!! So much going on, and Diverje in 1998!!

V: Thanks for the interview! Good luck in music and business!!

T: Thank you for doing it. I appreciate your good words on DSBP, I hope you get a scene out there going big. Hail Gaze Into a Gloom! plus all elektro industrial plus DSBP!! Write to us and get some music, you need it!!!

Road Brazil zine, interview by Julio Saraiva of Front Runner

1 - which was his first contact with the electronic music?
back in early 1981...i was 11..my Dad was a music freak...but had to work a slave job to keep us,the family alive,so i heard all the cool DEVO,depeche mode,Kraftwerk,and gary numan,because of him....unfortunately...my dad was brutally murdered by a gang in 1985... so i will carry on the dream he wanted to live....but no slavery,or family for me...just music!!

2 - which are the bands that you are listening nowadays?
oh man.....so many..i never stop listening....but great new groups/cd's i love are.....Velvet acid Christ,BIOPSY,Suicide Commando,Individual totem,diVERJE [i have to to record+mix it:] ,Front runner,dead jump,clone dt,Ionic Vision,Implant,Leather strip,:wumpscut,digital factor. many,many more...i have over 1,000 industrial/elektro cd's alone!!

3 - How it is going DSBP and which are the next releases?
it's growing very nicely,as planned....next releases are.....FUTRONIK STRUCTURES 2 comp....in APRIL.ELEKTRO-DISCHARGE comp....in May. then full lengths from 2 of our main DSBP bands....dIVERJE and FRontRUNNER..between june/july 1998.a busy few months..but all of the new cd's and older ones as well....kick major ass!! the BIOPSY cd has done very well,in only a few months out...#10 at CMJ for USA and Canada college radio!!

4 - how long time DSBP exists and what can we wait of it for this year?
we been doing the main "label" end of it since late 1996!!only 1 1/2 years so far......we plan to take over the industrial underworld this year...along with our new Alliance/unification of DSBP + EDT +PBR labels!! these 3 labels will now work in conjunction together to ravage the world with "real" industrial/elektro in many forms and mutations..we will show the old chaps at METROPOLIS/Cleopatra..and WAX trax..how it's done in the 21 st century!!

5 - which are the musical proposals of Diverje and in-Fused?
diVERJE is my croosover/diverse/no boundaries industrial/cyber band my goal with this is to put forth some of the catchiest,non-commercial industrial-mutations...most of the work is just me...but some great remixing and collaborating goes on with some of my favorite bands helping me...(BIOPSY,RAZED IN BLACK,CLONE DT,SMP,TESTUBE)

6 - what instruments do you use in his compositions?
mainly keyboards.....Ensoniq,korg....also some guitar...computer writing, and vocals of course,used with countless weird effects. and even sax...and horns..i have no limit,it's all evolution.

7 - speaks more about the special participations of Biopsy and Razed in
Black in the Diverje's works. they are great buddies,and musicians...both wanted to help me in my progression to form this new hybrid of CYBER music...i love their work!!both bands have full length cd's that should not be missed!!

8 - which are the themes approached in the lyrics of Diverje and in-Fused?
i try to write everything from experience,and just whatever is on my mind at the time....everything from politics,to murder,death,life, ,sadness,music,power,trend killing,sexxx,love,hate,war...all of it.

9 - The Digital:6::Focus:A perhaps is the more already well-happened compilation released by DSBP. How it's going and is there the possibility of continuation such as Digital:6::Focus:B ?
yes.....for sure.....it will always have that prefix...but probably change in # and of course letter....i think it's a great idea to have a bunch of ep's on 1 cd from some hot,yet lesser known bands!!

10 - How it is going the American electronic scene? What American bands you more it would highlight?
the USA scene is growing...and i hear alot of newer bands with great originality...i'd say...VAC,diVERJE,INdex,gridlock, society burning, pulse legion,razed in black,Mentallo+the fixer,crocodile shop, Battery,regenerator,collide,testube,and more..these bands are all very original...and at the heart of the NEW BREED of USA innovation.

11 - you the largest responsible person is considered by the great connection between the Brazilian electronic scene and the American, how you does see that?
i'm soooo happy/and proud to be called the leader of a movement!! the Brazil bands are some of the best,professional and nice people i have ever had the pleasure of dealing with!! we will conquer all in 98 and beyond with great elektro-brazil-power!!

12 - did the American electronic music grow a lot in the last 2 years, could you say more about this ?
yes....it's all trends in the USA...you are either underground ,scraping by.....or the mainstream making tooo much $$$ so we will for the throat in 98 and make the new trend ELEKTRO-industrial.....so all of us can finally eat......something i haven't done in 5 years..>

13 - Is there the possibility of one day we to break all the continental barriers and to do a great Pan-American electronic festival? A great electronic party you would be it doesn't find?
yes!! for sure ....lets knock it down and fucking party!! my brothaz!!>...i have some good skunk buds waiting for you!!|0)

14 - which the largest difficulty so that the electronic music grows it stiller more in US?
we need to infiltrate all markets to break into the mainstream... that is what we will do as the new alliance of DSBP-EDT-PBR assaults all!! there needs to be more fans!! all the labels,bands are doing their job...now we need all the followers to follow us!!:)

15 - What you know about the brazilian elektro scene ?
i know alot of great bands...i think they need good exposure in the USA so DSBP will continue to push for them and work their music to all press,radio and mutant beings everywhere!! favorites are:: BIOPSY,FRONTRUNNER,DEAD JUMP,AGHAST VIEW,CLONE DT, KREMASTER,SIMBOLO,VANISHING POINT,INDIVIDUAL INDUSTRY,X on MIND...

Now, in a fast game, i give you a word and you speak few words about that:

Drugs--detrimental to life....will kill you in the long run.i don't bother with any of this shit...i hate them...but i do love POT!!! -- that is not a drug though...smoke green,live well......

- Bill Clinton-- the USA's first president who is actually like all of usa..sex hungry,money powered,corrupt,and not doing anything great! actually.....all presidents are like this..i guess he's more exploited for it...oh well..."you da prez..you gotta pay!!"

- Hamburguers--meat is a necessity...good and quick..mmmmm..i like pussyburgers more though........some ketchup...mmmmmmmm

- Comunism--bullshit!! kill ...no more!!

- Vietnam--- a stupid senseless war....peace would've been way better

- UFO---- many out there...they will become more evident to all soon i have travelled with them...they are o.k...just smoke em out and play them some BIOPSY.......then they bring you back....they are not too rowdy like earthlings are.....

- Samplers---most used and overused instruments.....yet they still fucking rule and make music way more intresting than it ever was before!!

- Inkjet printers--good but..real slow...and painstaking...but needed

- Roland (the company)-- i need to experience more of Roland...i know it kix ass though... the fattest analog going!!

- God--- i believe we all have a purpose on this earth...some of us transcend to GOD-like figures...God is everywhere...and nowhere.

- Hell--a burning orge of evil souls...fun to write about,and make jokes about......but i'm not into being evil,satanic..that is soo old,and a fucking bigger joke than Christianity....i find satanic people quite funny....but i think that is the purpose..a joke

- Americanism--- USA is too extreme....trends and overpopulation suck!!i like it here...but don't involve myself with most...

- Japanese girls---ahhhhh!!! i love to fuck those women!! tight bodies...small breasts,and great pussy,and mouths...FUCKME!!

- Planet Earth---our fun planet to live out our lives on...

- Madonna--knows how to control the trends and media...she is a very innovative ,yet nothing that great of a music star...she doesn't even write her songs!!!she has a helluva body though....and you know i would fuck the hell out of her anyday!!

- Kraftwerk--the godfathers of ELEKTRONIC music..one of my first loves musically...and a big influence/inspiration to this day!!

- Year 2000--the year elektro/industrial/cyber music.....and DSBP//EDT//PBR conquer all the world!!the world will hopefully not kill itself by then....we need to be patient and understanding...yet smart about the global problems...i want to live past that year,ya know??

16 - give us a final message here for rebellious Cyber-Electro of Brazil.
Thanks a lot Big Brother, i'm so anxious to press this interview as soon as i thank you ,JULIO,and all my great brothaz of BRAZIL for believing in me and DSBP!! you all gave me the chance i needed to prove myself to the elektro world....and i think all of us will be big soon!!we will infiltrate the world market and put BRAZIL on the map as the leaders of new industrial revolution..with DSBP of course!! keep the need alive! support all these great Brazil/DSBP bands... we will show the world my man!! WATCH FOR DSBP to take control and full power of the nnew realm of elektro-terror!! thanks always!!and pleas buy the great DSBP music all you killer people!!keep the CYBER-FAITH,and believe in yourself always.........

Italian zine, 7/98
>Why did you have decided to start your label ( we know that
electro-industrial muzik don't pay the bills :) ? 

I decided to start DSBP because I wanted to do a label, sign bands, and
put out albums the way I think it should be done, and with the kind of
music I like. I think too many labels are run by businessmen that don't
have their hearts in the music, just in the dollar. I understand the
dollar must be made to make more music, but you have to be patient in this
industry, and build your empire carefully and sometimes slowly. I am very
glad we did this label cause there is no other way I'd be as immersed in
music and helping out tons of bands. 

>Where comes the name "DSBP" from?

The original name for the label was "Decomposed Skunk Bud Productions." We
were doing metal, hardcore, and industrial at the time, but then we
realized how it was offending some people that have weak stomachs, so we
changed the title to just use the initials DSBP and I think it has a good
ring to it, don't you buddy? These days we go by lots of different
interpretations of the acronym, including "Digital Skunk Bud Productions"
and "Digital Synthesis Breakdown Paranoia." 

>What is your favourite band(s) on a different label ?

There are  so many bands that I love, that is why it is rewarding for me
to be a DJ on Cyberage Radio (http://cyberage.home.ml.org/) where I get to
play many many artists and give them all good exposure. Among my favorites
are: Leaether Strip, Aghast View / Biopsy, :Wumpscut:, Blind Passengers,
Velvet Acid Christ, Individual Totem, and many many more. 

>Which new/unsigned band would you say is the one to watch ?

There are plenty of really good underground bands as well, I think some of
the ones to watch are: I Parasite, Noise Level 9, Audio Paradox, Matrix,
Side3, those are some that come to mind right now. Everyone must always
keep their eye on the underground cause there are so many good bands you
need to hear!

>Would you want to speak about your own musical projects: in-FUSED and
Diverje ?

OK my main focus is Diverje. Diverje is a very interesting project, it has
become over the years. The style is electro crossover industrial hybrid. I
try not to set limitations for diverje, some songs are very heavy, some
are more melodic, and they cross into different areas of modern music. In
Diverje, it's mainly me on music,  and I do many collaborations with
members of Biopsy, SMP, Noxious Emotion, Testube, Razed in Black, and also
some good buddies in the US like Gasket and [inquest proxy], they work
with me as well. I feel this is really good to keep everything diverse and
growing. A new album will be out from Diverje "program / existence remix"
in late September on DSBP! in-FUSED is a total solo project, fully
electronic and a mix of new wave from the 80s and industrial of now. My
first album, "Coding:Emotion" is out on DSBP and stays within the electro
format but still is diverse, very catchy songs, and some strange
experimentation as well. All of you can check out more info by seeing our
website for both bands (http://dsbp.home.ml.org/). 

>What is your biggest influence , when you have started to make music ?

My influences were a lot of the old new wave bands, like Kraftwerk,
Depeche Mode, DEVO, Ministry, and then more into the late 80s-90s Skinny
Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Front242, you know all the ones everyone
loves. :o)  These days I am influenced by everything, except shitty music.
there is a lot of good stuff I hear though, that is mixing styles up in a
unique way, and that is becoming more and more interesting. I think it is
the music that will become more popular inhe 21st century, the electronic
industrial crossover. 

>What can we expect from the alliance of DSBP-EDT-PBR ? 

We will be helping eachother distribute eachother's products, spread the
word of all three labels, and presenting eachothers bands on compilations
and advertisements. We just feel that there are some really good smaller
indie labels that deserve to be as known as the big boys, but without the
numbers and releases, money and manpower, we are getting shut down. We
have all united to make this alliance stronger, and it isn't just limited
to those three labels. We want more to get involved, so please spread the

>Do you have any European distribution ?

No, not much at all, in little bits we do, but no true "partner" to help
us get our music to all the hungry electro fans throughout Europe. We have
sent lots of promos out  to distributors but no luck yet. If anyone would
like to get in touch and help, please do! 

>What is your favourite non scene-band ?

I don't know what you mean, do you mean non-industrial? In that case, it
would be Pink Floyd or The Doors, or punk like The Clash, Killing Joke, I
guess early punk and alternative stuff was cool. I like a little bit of
metal too, like Sepultura and Machinehead and Dying Fetus. I used to be in
a sick, heacy as fuck death metal band called Detestation so I like lots
of stuff, even some country.  :o) 

>What you know about the italian elektro scene ?Have you ever been to
Italy ? 

I don't know much about the italian electro scene, I would love to more, I
know of the Chain DLK magazine, and I believe there are a couple bands
mentioned in there. I know the band It is from Italy, I wish to know more!
No I have never been to Italy unfortunately, but since I am 90% Italian I
probably should go visit sometime, and see where my ancestors came from

>What are your future plans for the future ?

Plans for the future include: DSBP becoming a big and well respected label
with many releases and great bands, for my band Diverje to release more
albums and stay very diverse and keep growing musically, also to help the
underground electro industrial and cyber bands and labels get more known,
more heard on the radio, more sales, videos on MTV, to take over the
fucking world with cyberage music, because there needs to be a new style
for everyone to worship like they have with all the rest of the music!
Don't you agree?

>Any final words for our readers ? 

I appreciate the interview very much, and I hope to get DSBP, Biopsy,
Diverje, in-FUSED, and all the rest of our artists and compilations more
known in Italy! Please get in touch with us everyone cause we have lots of
fine products in our catalogs, and we specialize in overseas orders, don't
charge a lot either, good deals for our brothers in underground
revolution! You can see the catalog at (http://dsbp.home.ml.org/) and
check out Cyberage Radio (http://cyberage.home.ml.org/) to hear all the
bands we have on our label!

PUBLISHED in new CHAIN DLK ZINE(Italy),Issue#7,October 1999
DSBP -"an elektro-industrial-underground force rising!"
DSBP opened up shop in 1996..with the release of a more metalized
industrial sound -the bands Diverje and Detestation were released on
cd and started getting the label known and liked...Deceiver,SLh
among many others were released on cassettes as well.
  By the end of the year,the label decided to FOCUS on a more centralized
formula,and decided to work more with the elektro-industrial underground
music,and drop the metallic approach and mix to it.

INDUSTRO-SYNTHESIS is the first compilation showing this more focused 
style and featured many bands that are now signed to other labels as well
as DSBP.this cd gained much recognition as the elektro-industrial
underground movement was just starting to grow inthe USA.
  1997 saw more improvement and a steady growing catalog to accompany the
DSBP labels moves.......and then FUTRONIK STRUCTURES vol.1 was released!
this compilation put DSBP in the publics eye and many industrial fans were 
embracing the cool concept of joining many great and underground quality
bands of the elektro,industrial,synthpop,and experimental genres!
attention was on DSBP more and more as this cd entered the CMJ top 40 for
RPM,our first big release!
  The new label-DSBP was being regarded as one of the top new indie labels
to rise,and then with the signing of BIOPSY,this was made known all the
more! BIOPSY joined DSBP in late 97 and the "cervix state sequences" cd
released by the end of the year,and promoted well throughout 1998.making
it to #10 on CMJ's electronic chart for all of North America,in April!!
 More compilations followed in 1998 and gained DSBP and the many bands 
included alot more recognition and support!!
the DIGITAL:6-FOCUS:A cd was another great move as it uniquelly joined the
BRAZIL elektro of Frontrunner,Dead Jump and CloneDt with the melodic
wave-elektro of New Mexicos' -Diverje (with a new elektro sound)
,In-Fused,and .this is what has really helped the Brazil
bands,along with Biopsy to get discovered in North America,and a year
later these bands are all more known and gaining much popularity and
sales throughout the world! Another hit on the CMJ charts this one peaked
at #14,not bad for a bunch of previously unknown elektro bands!!
  The rest of 1998 focused onthe great compilations -FUTRONIK STRUCTURES
vol.2,a stellar follow up to the vol.1 which had done so well!
this compilation met highest praise as it focused on a true elektro
formula and not as many harder-crossover tracks as before.the need for 
full on elektro was growing and DSBP fills the void!
 ELEKTRO-DISCHARGE soon followed in the same vain basically,with lots of
new bands as DSBP has always focused on to get heard.new and fresh music
is always a nice change! both of these compilations gained nice reviews
and support worldwide and still growing due to the fact that it was all so
AHEAD of the times and trends.this music is just really gaining
popularity now!! Once again both compilations did exceptionally well on
CMJ and in the clubs.reaching #11,and #12 respectively on the CMJ TOP 40
RPM.check out all the reviews for these ALBUMS and to see a full
tracklisting at

 By the end of the year the new DIVERJE album was finally ready and
unleashed on DSBP! this album showed a new style and ,much growth in band
that many had wondered what would happen.now Diverje takes a
elektro-industrial,ebm,dance,and mixture of some rock-industrial-hardcore
moments as well.and many collaborators and remixers joined the band also!
A very successful release it has spent 10 weeks on CMJ's
electronic charts and reached at #16!! so the new Diverje has opened to
door to many possiblities and great reviews for this young and diverse

Now in 1999 DSBP is really growing and loving the fact that people are
actually listening and supporting this great music of the 21st century!
New releases from BIOPSY-"third stroke" and CLONEDT-"777777"
 have been released for all! and with great responses so far.BIOPSY is
becoming a household name in the industrial world!! the infectious
EBM-powerful dance music is being featured in the clubs regularly as well
as radio worldwide!

  CYBOnetix 1999 compilation was soon released and has gained the most
positive responses from all zines and fans so far,just hitting the radio
now in July,99.This is a very very strong compilation with many of the TOP
  New releases coming from DSBP are.....V/A -KINETIC INSTINCT (an
elektro-synthpop compilation) in AUGUST,and the new signing of the great
SYSTEM DER DINGE in October-"fear,forms,function" will be released on
 We are also working with and releasing/distro of new and upcoming bands
-PRODUKT 13 (fl.-USA)
-FEARvLOATHINC (New Zealand)
 all of their albums can be found at DSBP!
and more news to come regarding these good ,powerful bands!

DSBP is committed to helping young,new bands and the indie labels out, of
the elektro-industrial style.we are always into working out deals with
bands,and labels,trades and distro..to help our beautifal scene grow more
worldwide.through unity and much networking,we can all be successful,and
have alot of fun!e-mail me for anything you may have questions about-

We are also involved in the worldwide known CYBERAGE
RADIO,which has been playing and supporting bands from
the underground for 5 years now! (4 hours at least of music a week online)
and gaining many many fans from everywhere imaginable!
Because of its diversity and unique attitude,this show is very respected.

 Despite many fruitless efforts from the Van Richter label to get the show
taken off the air and to put DSBP under with all their slander towards us
on newsgroups and in private mails to others in the scene,DSBP rolls on
strong and avoids people like VR who just are out for themselves and to
destroy any other new labels and radio shows that focus on new and
groundbreaking music instead of being forced to play VR,which is why we
were attacked and harassed by them.FAIR WARNING-if you deal with VR you
risk the chance of him harassing you endlessly and bringing police and
feds into it if he can.very bad for the scene,and when they lie and deny
it makes it even worse.(at least admit to your mistakes,Paul,stop denying 
them and laying blame in others with lies!)

so thats the story and updates here from DSBP!!
we want to thank all who have and will support the bands and distro of
DSBP! and especially CHAIN DLK and Mauri for the nice support through the
years!a great zine this is!!cheers to my Italian brothers!

the best is yet to come!!keep in touch and thanks always for believing in
DSBP!support the growing elektro-industrial underground!