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Futronik Structures vol.3

FUTRONIK STRUCTURES VOL. 3 continues the great FUTRONIK series that has been in suspension for a couple years..this is the most diverse and updated version yet..with so many great new and unreleaased,exclusive tracks,remixes especially for this wonderful disc...lots of boot stomping EBM,dark industrial, scaything power noise,and a nice mix of instrumental and vocal tracks as well...all the info and bands featured are below..you know who these bands are...you know they are the future of 21st century music...cause eventually people will find the music we all been pushing and supporting to them all this time,when they finally realize how much better stuff there is than what the commercial radio,mtv and the USA populace gives them... this is the true underground,the future,the best in todays music! you know it..so do i..lets show the rest of these sheepies!!!ha! info to follow....enjoy......
---TOMMYT_______DSBP PROGRAMMER-------------http://www.dsbp.cx

1) SYSTEM DER DINGE- "in cold sleep" (6:30) Previously Unreleased e-mail - oliver.j@spectraweb.ch Web - http://www.dsbp.cx the album "fear forms function" is available on DSBP.

2) FORCED -"the world outside" (version)(5:06) Previously Unreleased e-mail - fictionalfv@hotmail.com Web- http://www.disrupted.org/~forced

3) RUN LEVEL ZERO -"my tormentor" (F.S.v3 remix)(4:05) Previously Unreleased e-mail - runlevelzero@spektr.eu.org Web- http://www.runlevelzero.com Label website - http://www.dsbp.cx debut CD "symbol of submission" coming on DSBP this summer.

4) AGHAST VIEW- "low blood(high life)" (5:59) Previously Unreleased remix Courtesy of GASHED! e-mail - viscfab@yahoo.com.br Web- http://www.aghastview.com original version appears on "phaseknox" on GASHED!

5) ANDRACULOID -"acceptance" (3:49) Previously Unreleased track e-mail - optikonrekords@hotmail.com Web- http://optikonrekords.homestead.com/menu.html Label website- http://www.dsbp.cx debut cd "observations in human error" DSBP #1033 out now on DSBP!

6) DIVERJE-"on skin" (LIARS ROSEBUSH remix) (4:31) Previously Unreleased remix e-mail - tommyt@dsbp.cx Web - http://www.dsbp.cx Internet Radio web- http://www.cyberage.cx (CYBERAGE RADIO) Original version appears on the DSBP release(DSBP #1030) "on Skin".also available "existence/programremix" and "electrodiums/the passage" all available at DSBP!

7) CESIUM 137 -"effigy (pre-natal mix) (4:32) Previously Unreleased mix Courtesy of TONE DEAF RECORDS+ CESIUM 137 Produced by Daniel Kesserich and Cesium 137 e-mail - thebinary@aol.com Web - http://www.cesium137.com Label Website -http://www.tonedeafrecords.com Debut cd coming soon on TONE DEAF RECORDS

8) MONO NO AWARE -"after the experiment" (5:51) Previously Unreleased mix e-mail -handsproductions@gmx.net Web - http://www.handsproductions.com Courtesy of HANDS PRODUCTIONS

9) DAVANTAGE -"faceless faker" (re:korder mix)(4:47) Previously Unreleased remix e-mail - Darknight.Blackrain@t-online.de davantage-fanbase@gmx.de Label website - http://www.blackrain.de Web- http://www.davantage.de Courtesy of Black Rain

10) KRUSHED OPIATES -"runaway" (4:20) Previously Unreleased track e-mail - dls@remixconnection.com iisdd@hotmail.com Web- http://www.krush-r.com http://www.opiate-receptor.com

11)SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS -"paradox"(modified e-motion remix)(5:08) Previously Unreleased remix e-mail - solitary.experiments@t-online.de info@solitaryexperiments.de Web - http://www.solitaryexperiments.de http://www.solitary-experiments.com Label website -http://www.maschinenwelt.de Courtesy of Maschinenwelt Records

12) SMP - "megaton"(Doll Factory remix) (4:28) Previously Unreleased remix e-mail - smp@smphq.com Label e-mail -adsr@adsr.org Web - http://www.smphq.com Label website -http://www.adsr.org Courtesy of ADSR MUSIKWERKS

13) BABEL-17 -"freedom(lip service remix)" (4:52) Previously Unreleased track e-mail -dq831@ncf.ca Web- http://www.ncf.ca/~dq831/babel-17.html

14) AUDUX -"severian" (5:08) Previously Unreleased track e-mail - akm@uwm.edu Web - http://www.machineandsoul.com(internet radio show)

15) TESTUBE -"brownfields" (4:49) Previously Unreleased track e-mail -testube@bioplaza.com Web - http://www.testube.com Label website - http://www.dsbp.cx Current releases "reconstructive surgery" (DSBP #1029) "bioplaza revisited" and "bioplaza" all available at DSBP!

=the end===

album cover
TITLE: Futronik Structures vol.3


Well it's been a while since I've had the time and/or the desire to post a review. I looked at and listened to a lot of bands and it seemed there was never a full CD that grabbed my attention enough. I wanted something with 9 out of 10 tracks that held my cranium with a loving cruelty that would force me to write about it. Couldn't quite find a band to do that for me. Since I want to bring as much music info to this site as I possibly can, I forced myself to look at what I've been listening to with some frequency during the past month. No bands really stood out, then it came to me; I shouldn't be looking for a band. Though it came out last year I just recently had the money to buy the DSBP Records compilation 'Futronik Structures Vol. 3.' It has been in my CD player at home, at work, in the car and at the club more than anything else recently.

This compilation brings together new and unreleased exclusive tracks. Some of the tracks are remixes made for this disc. The collection consists of "EBM, dark industrial, scathing power noise, and a nice mix of instrumental and vocal tracks as well" as the site description puts it.

It starts slow and builds like a suspenseful movie soundtrack. The intro is a smooth dub track from System der Dinge, "in cold sleep," a rather soft yet scary calm before the storm. Following this is another build-up tune (with an extremely harsh yet catchy chorus) from Forced, "the World Outside" [Hats off to Tommy T., who I assume threw in the Hank Williams segue between these two tracks]. From here the beats kick hard and fast and rarely relent.

Swedish electro-industrialists, Run Level Zero tell us a tale of being a loner afraid to deal with that torturous outside arena in "My Tormentor." They do so with a tune that is very reminiscent of Front 242 without making it sound old or even borrowed. This is the new industrial dance and I look forward to more from them.

The compilation also has several exclusive remixes including: Aghast View's "low blood (high life)," and instrumental version of Diverje's "On Skin" mixed by Liars Rosebush, a Doll Factory remix of SMP's "Megaton," as well as mixes by Mono No Aware, Davantage, and Solitary Experiments.

The album's first three tracks are exclusive and includes these four other tracks only found on 'Futronik': Andraculoid's "acceptance," Audux's "severian," Krushed Opiates' "runaway," and is graced with an exclusive tune from Testube titled "brownfields" an excellent experimental instrumental piece well placed as the final track.

Overall this has got to be one of the best compilations, of this style and nature, in a long time. While most labels are satisfied with putting the handful of hits they can acquire and then using the remaining filler space to promote their fledgling (or weakling) artists, DSBP has gathered a complete collection with no weak link or filler.

To find out more about this burgeoning label and its extremely strong roster go to the DSBP Records Web Site (they are also on our Links page).

Congratulations are due to DSBP and Run Level Zero, recent winner of the "Best Newcomer of the Year" at the annual SAMA (Swedish Alternative Music Awards) festival which was held in Gothenburg on March 30. Another sign of the caliber of artist that DSBP is signing, Run Level Zero recently released "symbol of submission" through DSBP and have an e.p. on the way titled "in between" (check back, a review of one or both of these may be posted later)(Just got "symbol of submission" and it has what is now my favorite industrial "vampire song"). Once again see DSBP for more info on their bands and other compilations in their catalog.

--dj evol eno --http://www.geocities.com/kultovbela/reviews.html

The latest compilation from DSBP Records, "Futronik Structures V3" is a
killer mix of electro, ebm, techno and harsh industrial. The compilation
features many previously unreleased material from kickass bands like
Testube, Aghast View, Cesium 137, System Der Dinge, Andraculoid and

My favorite tracks here include ones from Andraculoid, Mono No Aware
(some great percussion's used here), Solitary Experiments who offer some
great melodic vocals backed by a catchy dancefloor beat on the "Modified
E-Motion Remix" of "Paradox" and the new track from dsbp's own Testube
who create a very melodic and laid back sound on "Brownfields."

The instrumental tracks from Aghast View and Diverje were a bit
disappointing. The Diverje track "On Skin" (my favorite track from
Diverje's last album) is just not the same without the vocals, which are
a big part of that song and gives it a really catchy hook.

Fans of EBM and Electro will no doubt find something pleasing on
"Futronik Structures 3." The diversity of DSBP Records and the Cyberage
Radio show really show on this compilation. This is indeed the best
compilation and the best talents gathered so far of all the DSBP
compilations I've heard. A well-rounded and diverse mixture of styles
makes "Futronik Structures 3" a perfect compilation for those who enjoy
dancefloor electronics from the new breed of EBM and Electro bands
making their way up the totem pole of industrial dance.
Gunhed, Wet-Works Electrozine

The new DSBP compilation, Futronik Structures Vol. 3 is without a doubt the best DSBP compilation yet, showing a very strong lineup of bands, that include System Der Dinge, Aghast View, Diverje, Mono No Aware, SMP and Testube.

What makes this compilation especially tasty is that ALL songs are previously unreleased mixes or tracks.

The creation of a compilation is a hard thing to do, if you wish to do it right. The options available to you are to either stack it with bands that all sound similar, so that someone who likes that sort of music will be satisfied all the way through, or mix up the music, so that the listener doesn’t get bored. Of course, there are disadvantages to both of these concepts.

In my opinion, the best thing to do is what Futronik Structures Vol. 3 have achieved, put a wide range of high quality tracks together and just hope that the listener will be entertained. Futronik Structures goes all over the board, with more rhythmic harsh industrial like Mono No Aware to poppy techno of Solitary Experiments, from light sounding EBM of System Der Dinge (sadly it would seem, a totally underrated band) to more energetic sounds of Andraculoid and Cesium 137, and more techno-punk inspired SMP.

It's also nice to see semi-local appearances from Ottawa’s Liars Rosebush and Babel-17. Lairs Rosebush do a remix the best track off the last Diverje album, On Skin (We’ll be hearing more of Liars Rosebush soon) and Babel-17 appear with a new mix of the track Freedom.

Futronik Structures Vol. 3 keeps the energy level at quite a good pace, making pretty much everything on it suitable for the dance floor, or for those who’s musical requirements demand dancefloor sounding tracks.

- Squid (November 13th, 2001)

Independent electronic music has always had a voice with the DSBP
compilation series, and this third volume of the "Futronik Structures"
series is no exception, presenting artists and bands who are forging with
their talents and belief the always evolving underground electronic scene.
Over the years, electronic music have defied more and more all
categorization, melting together various influences, and different genres.
"Futronik Structures Volume 3" can be described as specialized in
Industrial music, but we discover many hybrid styles that are fused with
what we call Industrial.  Hints of ambient, Intelligent Techno, and even
Hip Hop can be heard through these compositions sometimes powerfully
rhythmed, atmospherically dark, intricately abstract.

Jean-Francois Fecteau
Le Vestibule